Sunday, February 19, 2012

Home is Where the Heart is..........

Brandon and I built our first house! We started looking for our first place back in July 2011, we looked at a bunch of homes that were already built, and just couldn't find something that we could see ourselves living for the rest of our lives! We eventually found a house up in Herriman, and put in an offer...on the way home from signing the papers on the offer we drove by our neighborhood! Brandon fell in love, and we decided to build instead!

The Building process was by far more work and stress than we ever thought it would be, but we are so happy with the results! We are in the home that we plan on growing old in and starting a family! It is in the perfect location and we are so much closer to all of our friends and family!! We can't wait to see what is next and love finding out together!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The End!!!

Well, I officially finished all of my national board exams.....and passed every one of them! I am done!!!! I cannot even explain how good it feels to be completely finished. I got the LAST of my test results back last Monday, Finished my LAST final on Tuesday, went to DOPL to turn in everything for my R.D.H License on Wednesday and graduated with an AS Degree in Health Science and a AAS Degree in Dental Hygiene on Thursday. It was a LONG and painful ride, but I am so excited to be done!

Now that I am done, I get to have a life! Brandon and I already have a list of things we are going to accomplish now that my life doesn't resolve around the DH program! I am a Registered Dental Hygienist, and I can't wait to see what life has to offer!! Yay to the future....bring it on!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The End of Something Great!!!!

Today I took the last Dental Hygiene Board Exam that I will ever have to take (Well, at least I hope). If I passed all five exams, I will officially be a R.D.H. when I graduate in May!!! Oh my, I cannot believe I made it (it was pretty much hell going through the program, but looking back it has gone by sooooo fast)!! I am so excited to start this new chapter of my life, buy a house, actually enjoy my life, be a better wife and friend and eventually start a family!! This program has been the hardest thing I have ever done, but I wouldn’t change one bit of the last two years. I was lucky enough to go through the program with some of the most amazing girls I have ever met and I cannot imagine not seeing them everyday…..they are my family and I hope we stay apart of each other’s lives forever!! Once I am done with school I might even have time to post more….but don’t hold your breath!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Herbert and Hiking!!!

About a month ago I was doing laundry and Brandon came into the laundry room with something in his hands. He asked me to guess what he caught and I told him not to scare me...his smiled and opened his hands and it was a toad (he found it on our drive way)!! I LOVED it, I asked Brand if we could keep it so we put it in a box and went to the store to buy all of the fixins for his home!! We love the little guy, he is so fun! We now have a cricket farm (we got our first shipment of 1,000 crickets and a huge bin to put them in!). Herbie is a mad skilled hunter and eats about 6-10 crickets a day! lol, I talk about him like he is a person, but we really do love the lil guy!!

Herbie trying to be a bad ass and puff up his neck!!

Brandon, Kathy, Mike and I went on a hike to Mt was a lot of work, but so much fun! That hike really did kick my butt, and the way down was just as painful as the way up! I felt so bad for all of the people who thought it would be a good "family" outing with their little ones.... They looked miserable! So advice to all you do not really enjoy hiking (they like little walks) and who wants to carry a kid up and down a mountain!! Wait till they are older and they can enjoy it!! That is all:) Here are some pics of our little adventure!!

Me and Papa Grande!! He was not ready for the pic but it is still cute!

Kathy and Brandon....I kept taking pictures of them and it was blinding Brand (he kept asking me to stop, but as all of you know I don't listen!!!). Lol.

I know, we are cute!

Brandon practicing carrying a lil baby... jk, we are soooo not there yet!

The whole DamFam!

Us, That hike was a lot more work than I had planned on! I was thinking of a light walk.....I was wrong!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting Rid of our Extra Baggage!!

Brandon and I have been trying to get in shape, so that we feel better about ourselves....Let’s just say Brandon is way ahead of me and is looking a ton better, but I am not far behind!! We have been working out and eating right and it really has made a difference!! Here are a few pics that will show what we looked like before and after(I am not going to post my swimsuit pictures until I have a six pack, or something close to it...which may be never, but I am going to try!!) I can totally tell the difference, but I will let you all judge for yourselves!! Brandon has lost about 25lbs and I have lost about 16lbs!!